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Frequently Asked Questions

. What inspires you to write?

God is my sole inspiration. When I am going through a certain situation whether positive or negative, that can inspire me. I can listen to what others are going through and also be inspired by that as well. It just depends. I don't force anything out, I just let it flow.

Are your poems based on real life situations?

I would have to say yes, most of them are based on real life experiences otherwise I wouldn't be able to write. Trials and tribulations are wonderful tools of inspiration.

Do you have a favorite poem?

Now that's a very difficult question. All of my poems are my favorite but I do have a selected few that I'm pleased with. But I don't want to share that with you. Just read them and select the one you like

. What is your purpose in writing?

To inspire millions with my poetry. Everybody can use some inspiration sometimes.

What is your philosophy in life?

To help others. I believe if you help someone else you simply help yourself. A very simple concept that many fail to understand. Why have a full glass and not want to share. By sharing, it creates room for more.

How did you start writing?

Well, I was taking a course in Statistics in college and it was very challenging and I was kind of stressed out from taking the course. I also worked a full time day job while going to school at night. While at my day job all of a sudden I just started writings poetry and one of my first poems was the poem called, "COLLEGE," and that was the start of my poetic writing travels.

How do you develop your poems?

I first think of the title and then I just write from there. Now there are some rare instances where I write the entire poem first without a title but later give it one.

How old where you when you started writing?

I was 25 yrs of age.

Did you enjoy taking English in school?

No. I wasn't a fan of it at all.

Why do you like writing poetry?

Well, it's a talent I've been blessed with and therefore I am thankful and appreciative of my blessing. And so, I am determined to expound and explore it as well as share it with the world.

Do you enjoy inspiring others with your work?

Of course. It's a great pleasure to encourage anyone in this world. Words are powerful. The world was created with words and therefore I treat my poetry as such.

What is the response of the audience who hears or read your poetry?

Thankfully so, the audience and readers of my poetry are truly impressed and overwhelmed by my writings skills and for that I'm grateful. I receive many positive emails and letters from people from all walks of life about my poetry.

How do you feel when you speak to the youth about your poetry?

It's a tremendous honor to share words of encouragement to our future leaders in this country and world. I only hope to touch the hearts of those who want to make a difference in the community they live in.

Where do you see your poetry in the coming years?

I see them on greeting cards, being recited in movies, on plaques and posters, T-shirts and many others items. In addition I see millions of people reading, listening to and being inspired by my poetry.

Do you see yourself writing more than just poetry?

Hmmmmm! That's hard to say. Wherever God leads me that's where I will go.

Thus far, how many poems have you written?

As of this day, 9/20/02, I've written over 200 poems and will continue to do so.

Who's your inspiration?

God is my true inspiration.

Who is your favorite poet?

I have a few. Nikki Giovonni, Maya Angelou, Helen Steiner Rice and Langston Hughes are the one's that come to mind first but there are many more good poets out there.

How do you think your poetry will help others?

Well, words are very powerful for one. The world was created with words. I've been blessed with the ability to write encouraging words in a way that can motivate and inspire. I hope that with this talent I'm able to do exactly what I intend to do and that is encourage the masses with my writings. God willing, it will do just that.

What do you envision with your poetry?

I see big things. I see millions being inspired either by book, CD, clothing apparel, etc. I also an increased number of people being uplifted from a devalued state of mind and motivated to carry on with their life in a positive sense.

Is writing poetry a career for you?

I would say yes it is. I've started Think Very BIG, Inc. which sells my poetry on plaques and posters thus far. But will spread to a more variety of products in the coming years. God gave me this talent and I'm just pursuing it with all of my know how and might. I'm very determined to expose my poetry to the masses.